Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

Working together with our clients, OLYMPUS Marine Services utilise Risk Management based strategy to apply risk assessments and the implementation of best practices and lessons learned, developed from many years of experience in the onshore and offshore operations.

OLYMPUS Marine Services is respected for its people, performance and results and will create long-term value for our clients, by ensuring delivery of the safest and most reliable services.

Safe and efficient operations reduce the client’s costs and ensure maximum returns on investment.

Clients expect us to perform our work safely, to protect our employees, our customers’ employees, third-party contractors and the environment. Safety planning and performance reduces OLYMPUS Marine Services and our clients’ costs and prepares us to deal with the unexpected.

There is nothing more important than Safety to our clients, our employees and our Management Team.

By the very nature of its operation, an offshore unit poses many potential problems for safety and the environment. To ensure safe and successful operations we provide an efficient, complete and specific training for all our crew members.